Efteling gives in to animal lovers; no more dyed pigeons

Green pigeons at Efteling
Green pigeons at Efteling. (Photo: Eliedion / Wikimedia Commons)

Amusement park Efteling announced that it will no longer dye white pigeons different colors for fairy tale attraction 'The Bridal Dress of Genoveva'. Dyeing the pigeons no longer fits this time, the park concluded after years of social media calls from animal lovers and activists to stop this practice, Omroep Brabant reports.

Ever since 'The Bridal Dress of Genoveva' opened in 1957, Efteling has dyed the white pigeons in the fairy tale forest blue, pink, and green using a special paint. Now visitors will encounter the white pigeons in their natural state. 

"Animal welfare has received even more attention in society over the past years and so also at Efteling", the amusement park said, according to the broadcaster. "Efteling wants to move with the time. In addition, the colors of the pigeons do not match the natural character." The park stressed that the paint has always been environmentally friendly.

"We have renovated the turret that belongs to the fairy tale, so this was a natural moment to stop dyeing", an Efteling spokesperson added to Omroep Brabant. According to him, the change will not affect the fairy tale. In the story about a princess who wants a multi-colored wedding dress, the pigeons start out white, only getting their different colors in the end.