Key witness' family in hiding abroad due to assassination threat

Dutch police crime scene tape
Dutch police crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

Family members of key witness Nabil B. went abroad with the help of the Dutch judiciary to go into hiding. They can not return to the Netherlands because there is insufficient capacity to protect them, the Telegraaf reports based on information from sources around assassinations investigation Marengo.

The Marengo investigation involves several murders among a new, relatively young generation of criminals. A number of gunmen have already been caught and tried, but the order givers are still at large. Nabil B. plays an important role in this investigation.

On Tuesday B.'s lawyers expressed strong criticism on the protection given to his family. They believe the government can not sufficiently guarantee their safety. On March 29th, a week after the Public Prosecutor announced that a deal was made with B. about being a witness, B.'s brother Reduan was shot dead at his company in Amsterdam.