Brabant company mourns employees killed in U.S. accident

Technology company ASML in Veldhoven, Noord-Brabant, lost three of its employees in a . The victims are 38-year-old Tim Alberts, 25-year-old Ronald Wall from Deil and 22-year-old James Shennan, who had a New Zealand background, the Telegraaf reports.

The two younger victims only recently started working for the tech giant. For privacy reasons, ASML would not say much about the deceased employees. "But of course attention is paid to the organization and the affected families. Direct colleagues are being counseled in the relevant departments", a spokesperson said to the newspaper. There will also be a commemoration.

The three men were killed in a car accident near the town of Salem in the state of Oregon. A pick-up truck hit their car from behind and they then collided with another vehicle. One man died at the scene, the other two in hospital a few days later. They had been in the U.S. since June 1st, according to the newspaper.