Eindhoven among world's worst airports

An Arkefly jet above the Eindhoven Airport (Picture: Twitter/@Arke)An Arkefly jet above the Eindhoven Airport (Picture: Twitter/@Arke)

Eindhoven Airport is the 10th  worst airport in the world, according to a study of 141 airports worldwide by Airhelp, an organization that helps people with compensation for delays. Flights to and from Eindhoven are relatively often delayed, and passengers are often negative about the airport. 

Eindhoven Airport is the second busiest airport in the Netherlands and transported 5.7 million passengers last year. The airport scored a 5.9 when it comes to punctuality and only a 5.1 when it comes to passengers' sentiment. Eindhoven's quality of service performed better, scoring a 7.2. The airport's overall score came out at 6.39, placing Eindhoven Airport in 132nd place in the ranking.

Schiphol performed better, and came out in 44th place on the ranking with an overall score of 7.8. The Amsterdam airport got an 8.1 for punctuality and 8.2 for quality of service, but only a 4.9 for passenger sentiment. 

The best airport in the world, according to Airhelp, is Hamad International Airport in Qatar with an overall score of 8.77. Kuwait Airport came in last place with a score of 5.40.

The top 10 worst airports in the world, according to Airhelp:

  1. Kuwait Airport, Kuwait
  2. London Stansted Airport, United Kingdom
  3. Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport, France
  4. Paris Orly Airport, France
  5. Stockholm Bromma Airport, Sweden
  6. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom
  7. Boryspil International Airport Kiev, Ukraine
  8. Edninburgh Airport, United Kingdom
  9. Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport, France
  10. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands