Three people prosecuted for boy's fatal fall from playground equipment

The Public Prosecutor in prosecuting three people, an after-school care facility, and a playground for the death of 4-year-old Maurycy Biernacki. In January 2016, the boy fell from a playground installation in Grootebroek and died in hospital nine days later, without ever regaining consciousness, AD reports.

The leader of after school care Smallsteps and two employees of playground Happy Days are charged with death by negligence. Smallsteps and Happy Days are also being prosecuted. 

Smallsteps took the kids under their care to Happy Days for an outing. While there Maurycy fell from a 4 meters high inflatable playground installation and landed on his head on the concrete.

Investigation revealed that the installation was not in order - it had not undergone mandatory safety inspection, was erroneously set up and no impact-absorbing flooring was installed beneath it. The child was also too young to be allowed to play on the device. There was insufficient supervision from Smallsteps.