Parliament gets new Dutch flag after criticism

Old flag (left) and new flag (right) in the Tweede Kamer, 29 May 2018
Old flag (left) and new flag (right) in the Tweede Kamer, 29 May 2018. (Photo: Tweede Kamer)

A "new, more upscale" Dutch flag was placed in the large parliamentary chamber of the Tweede Kamer on Tuesday, after criticism on the appearance of the temporary flag.

Late last year a temporary flag was placed in the chamber on the initiative of the SGP and PVV. Critics called the flag too small and said that the foot in which the flag stood looked like a piece of cheese, according to ANP.

"I am happy to present this new flag", Kamer president Khadija Arib said in a statement on the Tweede Kamer's website. "This new flag fits much better with the size of the room and radiates a little more grandeur and class in the Dutch house of democracy."

The new flag is made from tightly woven polyester, a fabric mostly used to make ship flags. "Fabric that can take a beating, but also has a classic look", the statement on parliament's website reads. "The round base is made of pear wood and the mast of pearled stainless steel."