Leaving personnel cause problems at Dutch Data Authority: report

The Dutch Data Protection Authority is losing employees in droves, Financieele Dagblad reports based on sources. This may cause problems at the privacy watchdog, especially given that the Authority now has more power and responsibility with the introduction of new European privacy laws. 

According to FD, both Udo Oelen and Alex Commandeur - respectively the heads of the private sector and public sector at the Authority - both left recently, as well as two prominent investigators. And the Authority is having trouble attracting new staff to fill these positions.

The employees left because of regular conflict with Aleid Wolfsen, chairman of the Data Protection Authority, the sources said to FD. 

In a statement the Data Protection Authority acknowledged that a number of experienced staff members stepped down recently, according to NU.nl. But the Authority attributes this to the rapid growth of the organization. The number of FTEs - the hours worked by one employee on a full time basis - increased from 72 to 123.