New Amsterdam coalition formed, presented Thursday

Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons)Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons)

GroenLinks, D66, PvdA and SP successfully reached a coalition agreement for Amsterdam, D66 faction leader Reinier van Dantzig announced on Twitter. Amsterdam's new coalition will present their agreement on Thursday.

The negotiations happened in a "very good atmosphere", Van Dantzig said. 

Last week the new city government already presented its plans for tourism in the Dutch capital. Now they've also reached agreements on other topics like financing, housing, sustainability, traffic and transport, according to Het Parool.

A special city council meeting will be held next week Wednesday, May 30th. There the city council will debate the coalition agreement, and the four coalition partners will appoint their aldermen - two for each. The PvdA already announced that its aldermen will be Sharon Dijksma and Marjolein Moorman. 

The coalition negotiations started in the days after March 21st, the day of the municipal elections. GroenLinks won big in Amsterdam, but the other three coalition parties saw a drop in support.