Wolf maybe settling down in Drenthe

Wolf spotted repeatedly in Drenthe, 4 May 2018
Wolf spotted repeatedly in Drenthe, 4 May 2018Photo: Staatsbosbeheer

A wolf has repeatedly been spotted in nature reserves in central Drenthe over the past months. According to forestry association Staatsbosbeheer, this could be a sign that the animal may be settling down in the Netherlands. Though this will only be confirmed if every sighting was the same wolf, and if it stays in the same area for more than six months.

Cameras were placed in the area to find out whether it is one wolf. Though wolf expert Aaldrik Pot told NU.nl that this can only be determined with absolute certainty on the basis of 'territorial markings', like droppings. The exact location of where the wolf was spotted will remain secret, to make sure people don't go looking for the animal.

Over the past years, wolves were increasingly spotted in the east of the country and in Groningen. Last week there was a confirmed wolf sighting in Friesland for the first time in two centuries. 

Wolves usually live in packs consisting of parents and their offspring up to the age of 2 years. The predators mainly eat medium sized ungulates, such as deer, young red deer and wild boar. "Larger preys are too great a risk for wolves. For example, a horse's kick can kill a wolf", Pot said to the newspaper. Roaming wolves may also target sheep, but wolves that have their own territory know that area better and prefer to stick to wild prey.