Missing man's body found in pieces under floor of Zwolle home: report

The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)

The body of Deniz Guldogdu was found in multiple pieces under the floor of a home Van Zuijlenware in Zwolle in February, RTV Oost reports based on reports from multiple people in the Turkish community in the area.

Guldogdu's body was found in the home on February 17th, ten days after he went missing. The resident of the home, Mark de G., was arrested. According to the Telegraaf, De G. was a childhood friend of Guldogdu.

Sources from the local Turkish community tell RTV Oost that Guldogdu's body was found in a gruesome state - hacked into pieces and hidden under the floor. "It's a story that you hear everywhere in our community", one person said to the broadcaster. "I did not know him personally. And I'm actually happy about that. Because if you are in these kinds of circles, you can apparently end up this way."

How Guldogdu was killed is unclear.

Mark de G. will appear in court for the first time next week. His lawyer refused to comment to RTV Oost. The Public Prosecutor also did not want to react in the run-up to the lawsuit.