PostNL advises complaining Amsterdam resident to move

A PostNL van
A PostNL van. (Photo: @PostNL / Twitter)

An Amsterdam resident complaining about a PostNL delivery van standing on his street with the engine running, got a snarky reply from the postal service's customer care department. The Amsterdam man was advised to rather move to the countryside. 

"Do you not find it bad that you are poisoning the still developing lungs of our 1-year-old son several times a day with diesel vapors?" Amsterdam resident Vikaash Mahabir asked PostNL on Twitter on Wednesday night. "Everything for the profit margin or are you going to replace these poison buses with non toxic examples?"

PostNL replied at 00:15 a.m. First the customer service employee pointed out PostNL's environmental plans. "We are working on it Vikaash. But something like that takes time", PostNL tweeted with a link showing their environmentally friendly trucks. But then they added: "I see that you live in the middle of Amsterdam, in the mean time, look on Funda for a nice house in the countryside if you are so concerned about the health of your little one."