Passengers fall ill on Transavia flight; reason unknown

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Transavia airplanes at Schiphol. April 21, 2007Pieter van MarionFlickrCC-BY-NC

Eight people fell ill for unknown reasons on board a Transavia flight from Schiphol to Antalya in Turkey on Sunday morning. The pilot made a precautionary landing in Vienna after people started fainting on board, NOS reports.

Passenger Hetty Roelofsen told NOS that the problems started when one passenger smelled something strange and fell ill. After that a total of eight people became unwell, spread over te plane. 

The ill passengers were examined by medical personnel at the Vienna airport. Two were taken to hospital, and were discharged again a few hours later. A spokesperson for Transavia could not tell NOS how they are doing now, and whether they continued to their holiday destination or returned home.

The other passengers were taken to Antalya with a replacement aircraft. The plane on which the passengers fell ill was inspected at Vienna airport, before returning to Schiphol later on Sunday for further investigation.