Dutch Infrastructure Minister discusses Air France-KLM problems with French colleagues

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Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure met with her French counterpart Elisabeth Borne on Monday night to discuss strikes on the French side of airline Air France-KLM, and the consequences they hold, NU.nl reports.

On Friday te CEO of the French-Dutch organization announced his resignation due to labor disputes at Air France. Trade unions demand a wage increase of more than 5 percent, but Air France will give no more than 7 percent spread over four years. The strikes cost Air France around 75 million euros in the first quarter of this year. KLM, on the other hand, showed good figures in the first three months of 2018. 

"I find it such a worrying situation that we're following everything closely and are in constant contact with KLM. It is an important company for the Netherlands. It is important that we keep our finger on the pulse", Van Nieuwenhuizen said. 

The French government, which owns 14 percent shares in Air France, already made it clear that no tax money will be used to help Air France. For the Dutch government, which owns 5.9 percent of KLM, that question is not relevant, Van Nieuwenhuizen said, according to the newspaper. She also did not want to speculate on whether KLM should leave the airline cooperation. "Next week the Air France-KLM board meeting is scheduled, during which a new director with new plans will be chosen. Then we'll see where we stand."



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