Assaulted Prague waiter's friend heading to NL for own investigation

A friend of a Czech waiter who was assaulted by a group of Dutch men in Prague, is coming to the Netherlands next week to do his "own investigation" into the perpetrators, a spokesperson for the waiter's family said to news wire ANP.

The waiter was seriously injured in the assault two weeks ago. According to the family spokesperson, he sustained a cerebral hemorrhage and broke his jaw in three places. "Maybe he is permanently disabled", the spokesperson said to the news wire. "He was almost dead because of the blows to his head. He came very close to death. Only survived by luck. Mentally, he is also not in the best condition."

Seven Dutch between the ages of 24 and 32 years old were arrested at the Prague airport two days after the assault. Two, including a police officer from Amsterdam, were released a short time later. Three others were given conditional prison sentences and banned from entering the Czech Republic for five years. The other two are still in custody.