Noordbrabants Museum buys 3rd Van Gogh in three years

Still life with bottles and shell, Vincent van Gogh, 1884
Still life with bottles and shell, Vincent van Gogh, 1884. (Photo: Noordbrabants Museum )

The Noordbrabants Museum bought a Van Gogh painting titled Still life with bottles and shell from a private individual abroad for 2.5 million euros, the museum announced on Wednesday. This is the third painting by Vincent van Gogh that the museum in Den Bosch bought in as many years. 

Still life with bottles and shell was painted by Van Gogh in Nuenen in 1884. It shows two bottles, a shell, a wooden cilinder, a smoking set, and a powder horn. Van Gogh borrowed many of these antique items from one of his pupils - amateur painter and goldsmith Antoon Hermans. 

The painting will be on display in Den Bosch from this autumn, after a small restoration.

Last year the Noordbrabants Museum purchased the Van Gogh painting Collse watermill from 1884, and in 2016 the museum bought a water color painting titled The Rectory Garden in Nuenen.