Best nursing homes to become "the norm" in the Netherlands: Health Minister

Elderly lady in a nursing home (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Magnus Fröderberg)Elderly lady in a nursing home (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Magnus Fröderberg)

Dutch healthcare authority NZa has until January 1st to determine which nursing homes in the Netherlands are the best, and these will serve as the norm for all nursing homes in the country, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health wrote in a report on improving nursing home care, NOS reports.

According to De Jonge, the best nursing homes handle their money wisest - they are able to afford the most healthcare providers by spending less money on management and expensive buildings. These institutions will be decisive in how the government will spend the money it set aside for nursing home care.

The government will eventually invest 2.1 billion euros into nursing homes. Institutions that perform poorly will eventually receive a smaller share of this amount if they do not improve. "In this way we can limit the costs to 2.1 billion euros and this amount for better nursing home care really ends up with the residents and not an unnecessary overhead", De Jonge said.