Spring weather heading for Netherlands after chilly Easter

After a chilly and wet Easter weekend, the Netherlands can look forward to some spring-like weather. Temperatures will start rising from Tuesday, and are expected to reach as high as 20 degrees by the weekend, Weerplaza reports. 

Maximum temperatures around 10 degrees and showers are expected for Monday. On Tuesday temperatures will rise to 17 degrees, but both Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be rainy. 

According to Weerplaza, the rainy weather is expected to leave the Netherlands in the second half of the coming week. From Friday it will feel like spring in the Netherlands, with maximums between 18 and 20 degrees. After that it will cool down again for a while, but spring is really around the corner, according to the weather service.

"It is April, a month in which everything is possible", the weather service said. "In the past we had 25 to 30 degrees as maximum, but also mercury that barely came to above freezing. Full sun, or snow fall; April does what it wants. And this time? There is warmth!"