Anne Faber was stabbed to death

Michael P., the man charged with the murder of 25-year-old from Utrecht, stabbed her to death after raping her on September 29th last year, was revealed in a pro-forma hearing in this case on Friday. P. himself was not present at the hearing, reports.

During police questioning, the 27-year-old P.. He told the police that he. On the basis of these statements, P. is being charged with murder or manslaughter, deprivation of freedom

Faber The last contact with her was a selfie she sent to her boyfriend. She took the photo in Baarn during her bike ride. Her in the forests of Zeewolde on October 12th. She was found based on information P. gave the police.

P. was after his DNA was found on Faber's a few days after her disappearance. The police later also found Faber's blood in the car P. had at his disposal. 

The suspect was staying in a psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder at the time of Faber's murder. He was being prepared for his return to society after serving two thirds of a sentence imposed on him in 2011 for raping two underage girls in Nijkerk. The court recently ruled that he must

P. is currently in the Pieter Baan Center for psychiatric examination. The results of this examination are expected early next month. His lawyer previously stated that P. will fully cooperate in the examination.

The trial against P. will start on June 11th.