Health Minister expresses concern over 'suicide powder' after girl's death

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health calls it "very worrisome" that the so-called suicide powder claimed a victim. A 19-year-old girl from Uden in Noord-Brabant committed suicide using the drug three weeks ago. She ordered it online, ANP reports.

The Public Prosecutor launched an investigation into the girl's death. The investigation must also show whether Cooperatie Laaste Wil (CWL), who wants to distribute the powder among people who wish to die, was involved in the young woman's death. De Jonge finds it good that the Prosecutor launched an investigation.

The Minister wonders whether it is possible to make sure that this powder is hard to come by. He previously described CLW's plan as "very undesirable, over the line of irresponsible and possibly also punishable". He promised to have a "probing conversation" with the organization.

After the young woman's death, her parents made a call in newspaper Trouw for this powder not to be made "freely available". "We still think that deep inside they do not want to do this. With this freely available drug they make it easy for someone to take the step. We have to ask ourselves if we should want this", the girl's father said in the newspaper.