Drivers allowed to touch cellphone, but not hold it, Dutch court rules

Motorists are allowed to touch their cellphone while they're driving, but only if it is in a holder. Holding a phone while driving is forbidden, the court in Leeuwarden ruled on Wednesday in a case about a traffic fine, RTL Nieuws reports.

A motorist was fined 230 euros in Sneek for using a mobile phone behind the wheel. The phone was in a hands-free holder. The subdistrict court ruled against the motorist, finding that touching the phone is the same as holding it. But now the court in Leeuwarden ruled differently.

Both the motorist and the Public Prosecutor appealed against the ruling by the subdistrict court. The Public Prosecutor wanted a clear ruling on what is and is not allowed when it comes to mobile phones behind the wheel. specifically given the fact that many people use their phones for navigation.