January storms cost one insurer over €100 million in claims

Storm damage to Almere Central Station, 18 Jan 2018
Storm damage to Almere Central Station, 18 Jan 2018. (Photo: Vaiibhav Mugundan)

Achmea expect to pay out more than 100 million euros in claims for damages caused by the two storms that raged over the Netherlands in January, the insurer announced on Wednesday. This includes damages suffered by the agricultural sector, NU.nl reports.

The first storm on January 3rd especially caused damage in the provinces of Noord-Holland, Friesland, and Flevoland. The second storm on January 18th, which was accompanies by exceptionally strong winds with gusts of over 120 kilometers per hour, caused damage in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland, Gelderland, Overijssel, and the IJsselmeer region. 

Most of the damage in both storms was caused by roof tiles blowing free and fallen trees. 

A total of around 62 thousand damage claims were filed by individual customers after the storms.