Icy weather, slippery roads trigger code yellow warnings

Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018
Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018. (Photo: NL Times)

Motorists throughout the Netherlands are warned to be careful of icy roads caused by light snowfall on Wednesday morning. And dress warmly, because this morning will be very cold. Meteorological institute KNMI issued code yellow warnings for all provinces.

"Adjust your driving behavior", the KNMI warns motorists. Drive slowly and keep a safe following distance.

A combination of low temperatures and a strengthening wind will drop ambient temperatures to between -15 and -18 degrees Celsius, the KNMI warns. The day will warm up slightly as afternoon approaches. Another code yellow warning, also for very cold weather, takes effect on Wednesday evening. 

During the course of the morning the cloud cover will clear up and there will be some periods of sunshine, according to the meteorological institute. Afternoon temperatures will stay below freezing across the country, ranging from -1 degree in the southwest to -4 degrees in the northeast. A strong wind from the east will make it feel much colder.