Frustration led mother to kidnapping baby, lawyer says

Frustration about baby Hannah being taken away from her led Kim de L. to kidnapping her child in front of a Lidl supermarket in Eersel on Monday, her lawyer Anne Winters said to news wire ANP.

"She lost her baby seven weeks after birth and feels done in because she did not do anything wrong. She really wants the baby back", the lawyer said. The baby was removed from her parents' custody last year because they were suspected of abusing her. In October doctors diagnosed the now 6-month-old baby girl with two broken ribs, injuries to a foot and bruises. 

Both parents denied abusing the child, but are still considered suspects by the police. There are currently two ongoing investigations against them - one for child abuse dating from October and now also one for abduction.

On Monday morning baby Hannah's biological farther Rowan S. ripped the child out of her foster mother's arms as they were leaving the supermarket. The baby was found with her two biological parents later the same day at a holiday park in Bad Bentheim, Germany - just across the border with the Netherlands. The baby was in good health.

According to lawyer Winters, there was good contact between Kim de L. and Hannah's foster family. She was even allowed supervised contact with her child. There were no signs that an abduction threatened, the lawyer said.