Record cold expected in Netherlands next week

Many cold records will be broken in the Netherlands next weeks, with minimum temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius expected, according to Weerplaza. "In the end of the meteorological winter, King Winter is just as strong", the weather service writes.

Over the coming days night time temperatures will drop below -5 degrees regionally, but it will remain above zero during the day. From Sunday onwards, that will change. Minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to be below zero and with that the chance of ice days increases significantly. 

The coldest nights are expected around the end of February and early March. Some places may even see minimum temperatures as low as -10 degrees. "From next Sunday, regional cold records will be broken several days in a row for both minimum and maximum temperatures", Weerplaza expects. 

According to Weerplaza, such cold temperatures are quite rare this late in the winter season. Since temperature measurements started in 1901, the Netherlands has only seen 19 days, spread over 10 different years, with temperatures below -10 degrees after February 26th. On average it happens once every 12 years.