Hundreds of Dutch say goodbye to former PM Lubbers

A few hundred Dutch flooded to the Laurentius- and Elisabeth cathedral in Rotterdam on Monday to say goodbye to former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, who passed away last week at the age of 78, NOS reports.

Lubbers' coffin was placed in a sea of flowers and some candles. Hundreds of people walked past the coffin to say farewell, and signed the condolence register.

The former Prime Minster's funeral was also held at the cathedral on Tuesday, after which he was buried in the presence of his family. Several politicians with whom Lubbers worked attended the funeral, including Elco Brinkman, Wim Deetman, Bram Peper and Jos van Kemenade. Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb was also there, according to the broadcaster.

Ruud Lubbers was the youngest ever Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and also the longest serving. The CDA politician led three cabinets between 1982 and 1994.