Cops assaulted by Carnival celebrators

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie). (Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie))

Two police officers were assaulted at a Carnival party in Vaassen, Gelderland during the early hours of Tuesday morning. Two men from neighboring Emst were arrested, ANP reports. 

The officers were patrolling through the festivities when they addressed a young man about urinating in public around 2:20 a.m. Another man, and then several others, became involved and the situation escalated.

One officer was pushed to the ground and kicked in the head. The other was kicked and beaten. 

In order to get the situation under control, one of the officers fired a warning shot and then both officers aimed their guns at the two suspects. Two other officers arrested them. The suspects are 19 and 20 years old.

One officer was taken to hospital for examination. The other was treated at the scene.