Netherlands olympics fans warned not to bring drugs to Korea

2018 Winter Olympics & Paralympics mascots
2018 Winter Olympics & Paralympics mascots . (Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns / Wikimedia Commons)

Do not bring any drugs into Korea, Dutch ambassador in Seoul Lody Embrechts warns sports fans attending the Winter Olympics starting in the Asian country next week. "The controls are strict and the punishments are severe. Really don't do that", he said in an interview with the Telegraaf. Other than that, he advises Dutch Olympics fans to be prepared for the cold weather and respect the local culture.

"This month it can easily drop to 25 degrees below zero. But it is also the winter games", Embrechts said to the Telegraaf. "Dress warmly and make sure you know a few words of Korean for the home-garden-and-kitchen questions. Most people speak hardly any English [...] Pay attention to the customs, standards and values in Korea. This people is extremely proud. Politeness and respect for each other are of paramount importance. Hierarchy and discipline are also important. If the Dutch behave as guests, nothing will go wrong."

The Dutch embassy took some precautionary measures to quickly assist Dutch people in need. "And better still, to warn them in advance about pitfalls. We published an with all kinds of tips, do's and don'ts, language books, taxi tickets, and we are deploying an Oranje aid bus with Nintje on skates as Holland icon." As long as visitors are aware of the pitfalls, and avoid them, they'll have a splendid time, according to the ambassador.

There's no need to worry about safety around the Olympic Games, Embrechts said. "You can leave that to this country. We are confident that the sports festivities will run smoothly. South Korea is a very safe destination, where crime is very low. Going out in the evening is not a risk for women either. Robberies, violence and theft are usually an exeption."

The country has plenty of ATM's, excellent WiFi and 5G networks, and delicious healthy food. Though Embrechts warns that South Korea is quite expensive. "In the big hotels you can pay ten euros for a cup of coffee. The food is healthy and generally spicy. Delicious, but be careful about whether your stomach tolerates it."