Netherlands, U.S. again negotiate American passport checkpoint at Schiphol

A Marechaussee border agent checks a passport at Schiphol (photo: Marechaussee)A Marechaussee border agent checks a passport at Schiphol (photo: Marechaussee)

The Netherlands restarted talks with the United States on opening an American passport checkpoint at Schiphol airport, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security confirmed to broadcaster NOS.

The initial talks on this matter were halted by the previous Dutch government after president Donald Trump banned people from multiple Muslim countries from entering the U.S. "Measures are now being taken that we do not agree with and we pressed the pause button", the Justice State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff said at the time.

These negotiations restarted in June, the spokesperson confirmed to NOS after the broadcaster asked about it. The talks are currently held on an official level. Politicians will become involved once there is an "official agreement", the spokesperson said. When this will happen, is not yet clear.

Having an American passport checkpoint, with American customs officers, at Schiphol will mean that people flying from Amsterdam to the United States won't have to have their passports checked again at the American airports. Prime Minister Mark Rutte previously stated that such a checkpoint at the Amsterdam airport would be good for the Dutch economy, according to NOS.