Rush hour warning tells commuters to beware of fog

The national weather agency KNMI issued a Code Yellow weather warning for dense fog on Thursday morning. The warning was still in effect across several Dutch provinces as the morning rush hour began.

“Fog can be treacherous due to its sudden occurrence,” KNMI stated. Visibility was expected to be lower than 200 meters during the warning, in place until 11 a.m. The fog warning covered the entirety of Utrecht, Zeeland, and Zuid-Holland. It also was issued for the Wadden Sea islands. 

By 8:15 a.m. there were nearly 100 reports of traffic jams on 385 kilometers of Dutch highways, travellers association ANWB reported. Traffic buildup was at its heaviest between Amsterdam and Leiden, from Leiden to Rotterdam, and from Rotterdam to Nijmegen.

By contrast, there were no morning delays in place on national railway NS.