Dutch-Turkish family threatened with “swastikas”, blood splatters on home

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Two Dutch-Turkish families living in Zaandam have received threatening letters with swastikas, threats and heavy insults. One of them also found their front yard covered in what appeared to be blood splatters, according to Zaandam regional media outlet De Orkaan. After further inspection, what seemed like blood was actually red paint. 

On Wednesday night, as Aysel was about to lock the door of her house in De Weer in Zaandam, she noticed some red splatters on her kitchen window. Thinking that her husband might have spilled something, she opened the door. That's when she realized that the splatters are all over her front yard: on the door, on the downspout and on the kitchen window. She feared that it was blood. A letter was hanging on the door. A swastika was drawn on it, next to the message: "Kanker moslims sterf" (die cancer Muslims).

She then woke her husband and called the police. When the police arrived at the scene, they noticed another message on the back of the note : "If you go to the mosque one more time you will be dead".

The family is in shock as they have been living in this house for years without incident. After the family gave an official statement to authorities, the police launched an investigation.

The next day Aysel's Turkish neighbor also reported finding a similar threatening letter on her front door.

Investigators are trying to discover whether more families have received such letters. Police wants anyone with relevant information to contact them.