Teen boy convicted of 14-year-old's murder previously accused of sexual assault

Romy Nieuwburg, 14, found killed in a watery ditch in Achterveld, Utrecht on 2 June 2017
Romy Nieuwburg, 14, found killed in a watery ditch in Achterveld, Utrecht on 2 June 2017Photo: Miranda Brameyer Schuilenburg / Facebook

15-year-old Brian N., the boy convicted of raping and murdering 14-year-old Romy Nieuwburg from Hoevelaken in June, was under treatment by mental health care institution De Waag because of a previous sexual offense at the time. Newspaper AD reports that the Dutch Youth and Healthcare Inspectorate launched an investigation.

Romy's mother told the AD newspaper she is glad that the institute De Waag is now under investigation, "The school did not know anything about Brian's crimes, which got him under treatment by De Waag. His parents did not inform the school about it. De Waag as well never reported to the school. We are left with the question: How can it be that Brian had such freedom? Biking to and from school on his own... while his parents and the assistance took such care of him." 

In 2016 the boy at the age of thirteen was reported to the police for sexual assault. The judge postponed the case since he judged the boy's treatment more important than the punishment. The boy was then sent to De Waag institute in Amersfoort to receive forensic and psychological treatment. According to the judge the boy suffered from mental disorders and a poor development ability. Specialists added that he had an ADHD disorder, is less capable of empathy, anti-social and had no control on his aggression.

N. was sentenced to one year of imprisonment and youth institutionalized psychiatric treatment, which is maximum penalty for a minor under 16. If after seven years Brian's condition hasn't improved, adult institutionalized psychiatric treatment will follow. He also has to pay a compensation of 31.000 euro.