Dutch Airmobile Brigade cancels hazing ritual at Defense official's request

The Netherlands' Airmobile Brigade canceled a controversial hazing ritual last week after questions from Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld and State Secretary Barbara Visser, the Telegraaf reports

While visiting the Brigade on Wednesday last week, Visser asked about the so-called 'tiger test' that was planned for that night. The tiger test is a hazing ritual for the Charlie- or Tiger company that involves the consumption of alcohol to turn 'cubs' into 'tigers', according to the newspaper. 

The Brigade then decided to cancel the ritual at the last moment. According to the newspaper, this was "because the timing was unfortunate". A spokesperson for the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces told the Telegraaf that the most experienced corporal who usually supervises the event, was off sick.

The Airmobile Brigade was previously under fire due to out-of-control hazing rituals, according to NOS. Last week the Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force that works as part of the Dutch military - arrested three people for suspected involvement in assault, sexual assault, and threats during one such ritual in 2013. 

Visser previously said that she wants admission rituals to continue to exist among military personnel. According to her, these rituals are intended to strengthen team spirit and are designed in a fun way. She added though, that it must be ensured that these rituals go smoothly.