Video: Suspect, 29, shot at Schiphol known to authorities for past incidents

File photo of the Koninklijke Marechaussee - Royal Military Police. (Photo: Koninklijke Marechaussee)

A man who was shot by security troops at Schiphol Airport on Friday afternoon after allegedly threatening people with a knife was identified as a 29-year-old man from Den Haag. The shooting happened in the Schiphol Plaza, the airport's primary entryway which also provides access to the train station below.

Three shots can be heard in amateur video recorded in the plaza.

Medical personnel quickly responded to the scene to treat the suspect for a gunshot wound to the leg. He was transported by ambulance to an area hospital.

The suspect has also been involved in other incidents at the airport and security personnel is familiar with the man, the Marechaussee said in a statement early Saturday morning. The Marechaussee is the branch of the military tasked with providing policing and monitoring of airports and other border points in the Netherlands.

Described as "disturbed," authorities noted it was unclear what the man's motives were. He is believed to have acted alone.

Schiphol Plaza is located before security checkpoints used by passengers and staff to access airport terminals, gates, and aircraft. The entire plaza was briefly restricted until the suspect was removed from the scene. Trains to and from the airport were disrupted because of the emergency.  After Schiphol Plaza was reopened, a small portion remained closed to allow investigators to process the crime scene.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, the Marechaussee stated.