Some light snow expected this weekend

An icy road in Amsterdam, 12 Dec 2017
An icy road in Amsterdam, 12 Dec 2017Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

This weekend the Netherlands may see a bit of winter again, according to Weerplaza. There will be several rain showers over the weekend, which may include some light snow. During the early hours of Sunday morning, it may even snow enough to turn the ground white for a while, the weather service expects.

Tomorrow the entire Netherlands can expect some winter showers. Inland in particular, the showers may be accompanied by snow or hail. There is very little chance of enough snow falling to turn the ground white on Saturday. The best chance of this happening is in Limburg. Between the showers there will also be some occasional sunshine. But maximin temperatures will rise no higher than 6 degrees. 

During the night to Sunday, minimum temperatures will drop to freezing inland. Any snow that falls may stay frozen long enough for parts of the Netherlands to wake up to a winter wonderland, but snow lovers shouldn't expect a thick layer of snow. Motorists are warned to be careful of icy and slippery roads on Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening the light wintry weather leaves the Netherlands. More rain will fall, especially in the west of the country. The rain is expected to reach the eastern parts of the country late in the evening. 

Monday is also expected to be rainy, with a bit milder afternoon temperatures up to 8 degrees.