Mass willingness to participate in DNA investigation for 1992 cold case murder

Milica van Doorn, found raped and murdered in Zaanstad on 8 June 1992
Milica van Doorn, found raped and murdered in Zaanstad on 8 June 1992. (Photo: Politie)

The men approached to participate in a DNA kinship investigation in an attempt to solve the 1992 rape and murder of Milica van Doorn in Zaandam, were willing to take part en masse. So far 126 of the 133 Dutch-Turkish men approached gave the police a voluntary DNA sample, the police said in a statement. 

"It is really fantastic to see that so many men cooperated. All from commitment and willingness to solve this gruesome case, supported by their own families. That deserves a big copliment." team leader Rob Keet said in the statement. 

The approached men are not considered suspects in this case. The police hope that by comparing their DNA samples with traces found on Milica's body, they can identify a relative of the perpetrator. The DNA collection phase of the investigation is now almost complete. Three men will be approached this month, two were unreachable and two others did not want to cooperate. 

Milica van Doorn was found dead in a pond in the Zaandam neighborhood of Kogerveld on June 8th, 1992. She had been raped and murdered. Despite 25 years of investigation, the perpetrator is still at large.

After the murder, witnesses told the police that they saw a Turkish-looking man cycling towards the place where Milica's body was found. Scientific research on DNA traces found on the young woman's body revealed that the DNA almost certainly came from a man with Turkish ancestors. The 133 men approached to be part of this DNA kinship investigation, were selected based on this information. They are all men of Turkish descent, who were living in Kogerveld or had relatives living in the neighborhood in 1992.