Super, loverboy, gender neutral among the most annoying words of 2017

As per annual tradition, the Institute for the Dutch Language released the top 10 most annoying words of 2017, words they'd rather see disappear from the language. The words, translated to English, include super, loverboy, gender neutral and sustainable. 

The Institute called on people to send in the words they don't want to hear in 2018. The top 10 is selected based on the most entries. People can vote for the most annoying word on the website until 10:00 p.m. on December 6th. The winner, or rather loser, will be announced on December 7th. 

Here follows the top 10 most annoying words of 2017 in Dutch, with a short explanation in English

  • duurzaam - sustainable. According to the respondents, the word turned into a "hollow, meaningless container concept". 
  • een stukje -  a small piece of something, like a small piece of pie. Respondents feel the word is used incorrectly too often
  • eigenlijk - actually. Respondents feel the word is used incorrectly too often
  • genderneutraal - gender neutral. "We used to call it unisex. Nothing new at all", one respondent said
  • in je kracht staan - showing the best of yourself. According to respondents, this is a vague description for doing something you're good at.
  • loverboy - a young man that forces girls into prostitution, a pimp. "This is human trafficking, nothing to do with love."
  • papadag - a day on which dads look after the kids. Respondents find this nonsense, you're a dad every day.
  • shinen - shining. 
  • soort van  - a kind of, a category. 
  • super - super. "Super stupid", one respondent said. The word is way overused, according to respondents