Schiphol technical failure fixed; over 200 flights canceled

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Schiphol managed to fix a major technical fault with its air traffic control systems late on Tuesday afternoons, though the disruption to air traffic lasted well into the night. For hours hardly any flights could take off or land A total of 208 flights had to be canceled, RTL Nieuws reports.

KLM canceled 80 flights and airlines including Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways also suffered under cancelations and delays. 

The moment the problem was rectified, Schiphol started trying to arrange alternative flights for as many people as possible. Travelers for whom no flight could be found, were accommodated in hotels in Amsterdam. And the airport also placed 250 camp beds for stranded passengers as a precaution. 

On Wednesday morning a few Aeroflot and Air France flights are canceled, but most flights seem to be running on schedule, according to the Schiphol website. 


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