Video: Broadcaster teases with hints to Netherlands Eurovision entry

Hints seen throughout a video posted to Youtube suggest that Dutch singer-songwriter Waylon will make his second trip to the Eurovision Song Contest. He participated with Ilse DeLange as one-half of The Common Linnets, which scored a surprise second place finish in 2014.

The video, produced by Avrotros, is meant to show the point-of-view of a man leading a rock star life. He wakes up with handcuffs still on, surrounded by half-naked women and empty liquor bottles. Glimpses of Waylon’s tattoos, guitars, and his hat are all clues that led to the quick identification.

Some astute viewers also spotted his dog, Chevy, in the video.

Born Willem Bijkerk, the 37-year-old from Apeldoorn has been performing regularly since the mid-1990s. He took second place in the 2008 season of Holland’s Got Talent, signing a deal with Motown Records the following year. 

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals and finals will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. The events are scheduled between May 8 and May 12.

Avrotros will broadcast the competition. The media outlet says it plans to formally reveal the Netherlands representative on Friday.