#metoo: Most Dutch men say they don't cross sex harassment lines

#metoo me too
The "Me Too" hashtag gained prominence as a way for victims and witnesses to identify personal accounts of sexual misconduct. (image: NL Times)

Roughly 75 percent of adult-aged men in the Netherlands say they have never engaged in any form of sexual misconduct, a new survey conducted by newspaper AD reveals. Over 300 men were questioned in the survey, conducted as six weeks of high profile reporting has detailed sexual abuse and harassment allegations against prominent international and Dutch figures.

About one of every seven countered said they could not be sure if they did or did not cross a boundary, answering, “I can not be the judge of that.”

One man replied he has, “no idea when women think you are going too far.” Several others have called the debate a “witch hunt,” the newspaper states.

Some 47 percent of respondents said the conversation around the topic has become extreme, with some questioning whether or not there is a universal standard that defines sexual harassment.

Still, just over nine percent self-identified as being over the top when it comes to hitting on women. The debate “made me realize I was too pushy,” one man said.