Heineken interested in sponsoring Dutch Grand Prix

Heineken sponsorship at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Italy, Sept 2017
Heineken sponsorship at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Italy, Sept 2017Photo: nimame / Wikimedia Commons

Heineken is interested in sponsoring a Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix, but only if a proper financial feasibility is done and a good financial plan is in place, Hans Erik Tuijt, responsible for Heineken's Formula 1 sponsorship, said to BNR. "It must be financially feasible. People must want it", Tuijt said.

The Dutch beer giant started sponsoring Formula 1 a year ago. Heineken is the Grand Prix name sponsor in China, Italy, Mexico and Brazil. "Our deal with Formula 1 is that we can choose the races where we want to be a name sponsor. If the Netherlands is on there, I think there will be a checkmark", Tuijt said to the broadcaster. 

The municipality of Zandvoort and the Circuit Zandvoort are currently conducting a feasibility study for a Dutch Grand Prix. The results are expected later this month. 

According to Tuijt, Heineken will definitely be interested in sponsoring it, but he emphasizes that there must be enough support. "With the Olympics you see a number of cities like London and Sydney, that do it spectacularly. But you also see some cities that make a mess of it", he said to BNR. "I think you have to make a good financial story, of which the public says: I think this is great. Then you have a chance of succeeding."