Amsterdam's MC Slotervaart worst hospital in Netherlands: report

Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons). (Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons))

MC Slotervaart in Amsterdam-Nieuw-West is at the very bottom of newspaper AD's Top 100 hospital ranking for 2017. The Amsterdam hospital dropped 36 places compared to last year's 64th place on the list.

According to AD, MC Slotervaart scored poorly when it came to pain control, malnutrition and delirium. Patients at the hospital were also often hospitalized for longer or had to be readmitted soon after they left. 

For this ranking AD used figures from the Healthcare Inspectorate to rate the hospitals in the Netherlands on 36 factors, that give an overview of treatment in the hospitals. 

For the second year in a row, the Rivas Beatrix Hospital in Gorinchem came out as the best hospital in the Netherlands. The hospital scored well or very well on almost each of the 36 quality factors AD used. 

"Winning once was beautiful, but the second time is even better", Anja Blonk director of hospital care at Rivas Beatrix, reacted in the newspaper. "This title is thanks to the passion and commitment of our staff."

AD will publish the full list online on Friday, and in the newspaper on Saturday.