Photos: Ministers in new Dutch gov't sworn in

King Willem-Alexander giving the 2016 Christmas speech
King Willem-Alexander giving the 2016 Christmas speechKoninklijk Huis

The ministers and state secretaries of the new Dutch government, Rutte III, was sworn in by King Willem-Alexander at the Noordeinde Palace on Tuesday. 

The new cabinet consists of 16 Ministers and eight State Secretaries. All ministers except Prime Minister Mark Rutte had to swear the oath set down in Dutch law. Among other things, they swear to be faithful to the King and Constitution, and promise to not let themselves be bribed. Rutte already swore this oath when his first cabinet took office in 2010.

This is King Willem-Alexender's first time swearing in a new government for the Netherlands. When Rutte II took office in 2012, Willem-Alexander's mother Beatrix was still queen. 

A full list of the new Ministers can be found here

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