Violent sex trafficker now selling energy to Germans

Saban B., a sex trafficker sentenced to 8 years in prison by a Dutch court, is now running call centers from Turkey which sell dishonest energy contracts to Germans, according to reporters for German newspaper Der Spiegel. People who buy contracts through the call center, have to pay more money than agreed to over the phone, among other things.

B. stood at the head of a network of pimps, who earned millions of euros through the widespread exploitation of women in Amsterdam prostitution. The Turkish man and his gang were also known to use gross violence against women, earning him the nickname 'the beast', according to NOS. 

In 2010 the court in Arnhem convicted B. of human trafficking and sentenced him to eight years in prison. But by that time B. had already fled the Netherlands to Turkey when he got a week's leave to see his child, ANP reports. As Turkey does not extradite nationals, the Netherlands focused on getting him behind bars in Turkey. Last year a Turkish judge ruled that B. has to serve the sentence the Arnhem court gave him in Turkey. But it seems that little came from it.

According to Der Spiegel, Saban B. now runs several call centers. He has around 130 employees under him, spread over six locations in Turkey. Employees call German people from Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara, but pretend to be calling from Frankfurt. After they receive the contract, customers find out that they have to pay much more than agreed to over the phone. 

An anonymous employee of one of the call centers told Der Spiegel that the call center employees don't care what happens to the customers. "We sell without scruples, without conscience. For B., money is the main thing. Whether he screws the customers or not, that does not matter to him."


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