Dark web drug traders get six years in prison

Two 23-year-old men were sentenced to six years in prison for selling hard drugs on the ark web. Thijs V. from Houten and Mike W. from Muiden were found guilty of selling at least 400 thousand euros of drugs, mostly MDMA, over a period of eight months, RTL Nieuws reports.

The two men hid the drugs in peanut butter bottles and greeting cards and then sent them by post to customers around the world. "They made every effort to carry out their trade in a refined manner", the court in Midden-Nederland said, according to the broadcaster.

The men insisted that they thought they were selling food supplements, a story that the court did not believe. In messages on WhatsApp and Telegram, the men discussed the drugs. 

As the men are relatively young, still studying and had no criminal record before this, the court gave them a slightly lower sentence than the 7 years the Public Prosecutor demanded.