New Dutch gov't: Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs appointed

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Hable Zijlstra will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Eric Wiebes will be the Minister of Economic Affairs in the new Dutch government, sources told the Telegraaf. In the Rutte II government, Wiebes was the State Secretary of Finance and Zijlstra was faction chairman for the VVD in parliament.

Zijlstra is taking over from Bert Koenders at Foreign Affairs, and Wiebes is succeeding Henk Kamp at Economic Affairs.

The Rutte III government will have 16 Ministers and eight State Secretaries, according to the newspaper. Previous reports said 16 Ministers and 9 State Secretaries. Last week newspaper AD reported that the Ministries of Public Health, Education, and Security and Justice will each be headed by two Minsters. The official presentation of Ministers is expected to happen on October 26th.