Amsterdam criminal transferred to high security prison after attempted escape

Vught prison
Vught prison. ( photo)Vught prison

Benaouf A. was transferred to the high security prison in Vught after a group of Amsterdam criminals tried to hijack a helicopter to break him out of the prison in Roermond on Wednesday. Vught is the highest security prison in the Netherlands, RTL Nieuws reports.

The police managed to stop the helicopter plan, after the Amsterdam police got wind of the plans during an ongoing investigation. Three suspects were arrested, one was shot and killed and several others got away. 

According to AT5, hijacking a hired helicopter was at the center of the group of Amsterdam criminals' plan. The Amsterdam police immediately contacted a number of helicopter companies, asking them to report any suspicious activities. In this way, the police were able to be ready at a small airport in Budel, Noord-Brabant when the criminal gang wanted to put their plans into action on Wednesday.

The police about took over the airport, according to the broadcaster. A police officer took station at the reception desk, another accompanied a suspect to the helicopter. And so the first suspect was arrested, right next to the helicopter. What exactly happened next, is not clear. But we do know that there was a chase.

In Maarheeze, a few kilometers away, an abandoned BMW was found. The trunk contained a tire with a rope attached to it. Other items were also found that the police believe were to be used in the prison break. 

At the same time, the police also chased down a number of other suspects. After a high speed chase, a black Audi came to a stop in the small village of Roosteren. The people in the car tried to flee on foot, but did not get far. One was shot and killed, two others were arrested. 

Benaouf A. is one of the leaders of an Amsterdam criminal gang. He is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence for involvement in the assassination of another Amsterdam criminal, Najab Boubouh, in October 2012. In December of that year, A. was targeted in an assassination attempt in Amsterdam's Staatsliedenbuurt. He survived, but two others did not. The murder of Bouhbouh and the Staatsliedenbuurt assassinations are considered the start of the Amsterdam gang war, which in the years since resulted in the deaths of dozens of Amsterdam criminals and a handful of innocent bystanders.