No Surrender co-founder placed on most wanted list

Michel Boer
Michel BoerPhoto: Politie

The Dutch police put one of the founders of outlaw motorcycle gang Satudarah on the most-wanted list. 52-year-old Michel Boer is wanted for leading a criminal organization involved in arms trafficking, drug trafficking, violence and extortion, NOS reports.

Boer has been on the run since September 26th, when the police raided a number of Satudarah related addresses, including clubhouses in Beverwijk and Apeldoorn. Three leaders of the motorcycle gang was arrested, but Boer managed to slip away.

On Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday, the police asked for information about his whereabouts. 

The police also shared images of a Satudarah member that was assaulted earlier this year. He was left critically injured in front of a hospital in Geldrop in March. According to the police, he barely survived the assault, which left him in a coma for a time. To date, he refused to tell the authorities what happened to him. The police believe he was attacked by other Satudarah members because he wanted to leave the club. 

On the broadcast, the police said that there are other indications of members who want to leave the club, but can't because they fear reprisals.

The Public Prosecutor used this same argument in a recent attempt to ban other motorcycle gang Bandidos in the Netherlands.