Fire department pumps water out of pond in search for missing Anne Faber

Crime scene
Crime scenePhoto: Politie

The fire department is busy pumping the water out of a bond in Blookerpark in Huis ter Heide in the search for 25-year-old Anne Faber. On Thursday evening, a bicycle was found in the pond that looks like the one belonging to the missing Utrecht woman, who disappeared while cycling last week Friday, AD reports.

The pond is located not far from where clothes were found a few days ago. The police believe the clothes belong to Faber, though the Netherlands Forensic Institute is still working on determining that for sure. After the bike was found, the police deployed a team of divers with cameras to search the bottom of the pond, hoping to find more signs of the missing woman. The search went on into the early hours of Friday morning, with the fire department putting down spotlights so the divers could see what they were doing.

The divers did not find anything, so the authorities decided to pump the water out of the pond. According to AD, by 7:00 a.m. the water was at knee level. The firefighters switched to smaller pumps to get the last water out. An excavator is also being used, to transfer water from the pond to a truck, where fish from the pond are being kept for the time being. 

The provincial road between Utrecht and Amersfoort was closed down to traffic, because dozens of curious people came to see what the police were doing, according to the newspaper.