Utrecht haunted house sends woman to hospital

During the opening night of the Halloween Nightmares haunted house in The Wall shopping center in Utrecht this weekend, five hyperventilating people needed help to get out. One woman was transported to hospital in an ambulance, NU.nl reports. 

"A lady found it so scary, that the first aid personnel decided to call an ambulance. She was taken for examination, but she is okay", manager Rene van Os said to the newspaper. Despite this, or maybe because of this, Van Os considers the opening weekend a success. Each day was almost sold out and broke visitors records of the previous days. 

Dion Varossieau, the brain behind Halloween Nightmares, says they took adequate measures to make sure everyone is safe. In addition to a first aid post, there are also cameras through the haunted house, there is a lamp system and walkie talkies are used. "It really is about who you are. One person finds it very scary, another not at all. You can not take into account how everyone will deal with fear."

The haunted house is built on a circus and carnival theme. Various types of scares await visitors. Numerous actors roam the house to scare visitors, and a smoke machine is used to amp up the creepy atmosphere. 

Halloween Nightmares will be open for the next three months. If these months prove successful, the organizers will try to extend it.