D66 politicians told to be "very positive" about new govt agreement: report

The Amsterdam faction of the D66 received "guidelines" on how to react when a government agreement between the VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie is finally reached, according to the Telegraaf. "Very positive" is the tone the Amsterdam D66 faction leader would like to see in reactions. 

Faction leader Reinier van Dantzig sent a message to all members of the Amsterdam D66 on Monday with these guidelines. According to the Telegraaf, it read: "It slowly seems that there will be a government in The Hague. People are increasingly taking into account it will be early next week and that mean's it's good to think together how we will welcome the new government agreement. In the city faction we agreed to be very positive about this, as here the first hit is half the battle."

One member of the D66 Amsterdam faction, who asked to stay anonymous, told the Telegraaf that "the guidelines on how D66 members should respond are so strict, that it's funny". 

Van Dantzig said in response that the D66 is a professional party and therefore tries to make an agreement with each other on these kinds of things. "I like to inform the 40 political officials about how we as a faction discussed 'how to go into it'."